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CHINA- Mosquito eradication certificates required from Zika affected areas

Posted: August 18, 2016 – Mosquito Squad

According to the notice, people from the countries or areas where infection cases have been reported should declare to CIQ before entering or leaving the country in case they suffer from fever, headache, muscle and joint pain or rash, and should fully cooperate with local CIQ for temperature detection, medical check and epidemiological investigation.
Furthermore, transportation vehicles and containers coming from the above-mentioned countries and areas should take effective measures to eradicate mosquito. Vessels shall hold mosquito eradication certificate issued by the authorities of the affected countries, otherwise, immediate eradication should be taken under the supervision of CIQ. Strict quarantine inspection should be taken to transportation vehicles, cargo, containers, luggage and postal parcels from those countries and areas.


This is valid for 12 months starting on 02 March 2016.

In view of the enhanced inspection and requirement by Chinese quarantine authorities against Zika virus, vessels that sail from ports in the affected countries to China are recommended to obtain a mosquito eradication certificate issued by authorities of the affected country if possible, so as to avoid any possible delay or trouble when calling China. In case no such certificate has been obtained, vessels are suggested to cooperate with local CIQ on their inspection or disinfection actions.
Source: The Swedish Club


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