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Miami Beach Issues Thousands of Dollars in Zika Fines

Posted: September 15, 2016 – Mosquito Squad

The City of Miami Beach is aggressively enforcing a code that prohibits standing water in response to the recent Zika cases

“The effort to control breeding grounds for mosquitoes that could carry Zika is stinging property owners with some stiff fines.

“Since the city launched its war on mosquitoes on August 19, it has issued $72,000 in fines against properties where stagnant water is pooling, according to figures provided to NBC 6 Investigators by the city.


“Small, shaded pools of stagnant water are where the mosquito that carries Zika thrives.

“’It’s really about trying to get the Zika under control,” said city manager Jimmy Morales. “During this crisis period, we have gone to businesses that have such obvious violations that we do hit them with an immediate fine to try to get immediate compliance.’


Source: NBC News Miami

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