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Mosquito Eradication Certificate


China is now requiring a Mosquito Eradication Certificate (MEC) for all vessels coming from Zika infected countries into China.   Our technicians have TWIC Badges and can access the Virginia International Terminals.  For more information, please contact our office at 757-422-2483.

*Update 9/9/16

China has now decided that vessels originiating from the United States, other than the state of Florida, do not require the Mosquito Eradication Certificate.
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Mosquite Eradication Certification

Your solution to China’s Mosquito Eradication Certificate (MEC) requirement for China-bound cargo containers

The Zika virus outbreak in the U.S. is threatening more than our health.  The Chinese government has issued a mandate, valid through March 2017, that incoming cargo containers from Zika-affected countries must be fumigated prior to entering their ports.

Mosquito Squad, the original and most trusted mosquito control company for over 10 years having delivered over 1.3 million residential and commercial treatments nationwide, has investigated and developed an effective and efficient treatment protocol to address China’s mandate.

Mosquito Squad can customize a MEC Treatment Plan with freight and shipping companies to meet your needs and China’s requirements.

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Our MEC Treatment Protocol Includes

  • Treatment of container with a 0.5% pyrethrin mix
  • Sealing of container with a chain of custody security seal

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