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Mosquitoes can populate rapidly with warm temperatures on the horizon!

Posted: July 14, 2017 – Mosquito Squad

The heat has arrived in the Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach area and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be going anywhere! With the recent rains in the last several weeks and the sky-high temperatures it is creating the perfect mosquito storm, so our question for you is: are you prepared?

We want to show you what the mosquito population can look like without having it protected!


A female mosquito is on the hunt for its prey and happens to be in your yard. The female mosquito eventually finds you and bites you for your blood. The blood provides protein for her to develop viable eggs. This female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs at one time, ONE TIME! About half of those eggs will become egg laying female mosquitoes that are lingering in your yard waiting for a meal to help develop her eggs.



On week two you now have 151 females including the mama mosquito on your property laying their eggs; their 300 eggs each! Adding all 300 eggs up in addition to the number of females on your property you’ll quickly have 45,300 mosquitoes in just short of two weeks.






Now you have about 22,650 female mosquitoes in your yard laying eggs. Do you want to do the math? 22,650 × 300 eggs each = 6,795,300 new mosquitoes and that is just from the mosquitoes hatched in week 2! And don’t forget to add their mother’s new batch of eggs laid.



As we continue calculating with the same math equation from the first three weeks, we know that we will have 3,397,000 female mosquitoes laying eggs on your property. Now we are talking about 1,319,250,000 mosquitoes on your property in just FOUR WEEKS!



If you aren’t protected from mosquitoes and ticks on your property then give Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads a call at 757-422-2483! We’ll help you take back your yard and enjoy evenings on the patio again.


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