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The mosquito has claimed the title of world’s deadliest creature thanks to its transmission of diseases such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, and Encephalitis. It is estimated that annually more than 750,000 deaths worldwide are the result of mosquito-borne infections. Here in the US, we are less aware of the deadly effect of the mosquito’s bite than those in developing countries. This disregard of mosquito-borne diseases is dangerous as more than 1,000 Americans annually contract serious illness from a single mosquito bite.

Barrier Treatment

At Mosquito Squad, we use time-released barrier treatment protection to guarantee your mosquito free season. Each professional grade application will protect your family from the annoyance and the potential dangers of mosquitoes for 21 days! We back each application with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call our office at the number above to receive a free, customized quote for your property from one of our consultants!


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