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Pacific Disaster Center Tracking Zika Globally

Posted: May 27, 2016 – Mosquito Squad

The mapping company Esri is involved with a new plan to map regional vulnerabilities to the Zika virus to help eliminate outbreaks.

According to Karen Richardson at Ersi, “By sharing mapped intelligence with health services and aid responders, Pacific Disaster Center is able to provide essential information that defines the characteristics of the virus and its carrier’s breeding grounds.”


“The center provides situational awareness information for all manner of disasters. Esri, the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, creates technology that generates smart maps derived from a wide variety of data resources and then publishes them across information networks. PDC uses these capabilities to add different data layers—hospital density, rain, vector programs, and so forth—to maps. Maps make it easier and faster for disaster managers to understand the scope of a region’s vulnerability to disease. The center serves its map products around the world to organizations that depend on it for intelligence about specific regions.”

“’Esri GIS technology specifically allows us to characterize the Zika virus outbreak and contextualize it for decision makers,’ explained Dr. Joseph Green, PDC’s health risk specialist. ‘Our maps describe the distribution of suspected cases at national levels throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.’

The solution to containing the Zika virus is to dispose of mosquitos, which carry the disease. Mapping regional weaknesses to virus outbreaks highlights the value of mosquito management programs.

Source: Ersi

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