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WHO Says Zika virus could spread to Europe in the Coming Months

Posted: May 18, 2016 – Mosquito Squad

The WHO has said that the Zika virus could spread to Europe in the next few months. They classify the risk as low to moderate.

The mosquito-borne virus has been detected in more than 50 countries and linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly, a birth defect causing unusually small heads in newborns.

France is the most likely country to contract the virus due to the high urban population. Other countries with higher risk include Italy, Spain, Romania and a few others.
The WHO says that the virus is likely to spread in the late Spring and Summer if nothing is done to stop it.


“The new evidence published today tells us that there is a risk of spread of Zika virus disease in the European region and that this risk varies from country to country,” Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO regional director for Europe.

Countries with a higher risk are being told to take stronger measures to stop the spread and growth of mosquitoes by reducing standing water. Mosquitoes only need a bottle cap full of water in order to breed. It is important to tip over bird baths, tires, kids toys, old flower pots, and anything that will hold standing water.

This will help to get rid of potential breeding grounds for the mosquitoes, which should help reduce the population on your property. It is important to check your yard on a weekly basis for areas of standing water. Larger areas of standing water can be treated with larvicide capsules which treat up to 20,000 gallons of water.


Source: The Guardian

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