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Like mosquitoes, ticks are transmitters of disease. Though very serious, mosquito-borne diseases affect only a few thousand in the US each year. Tick-borne diseases affect tens of thousands.

Unlike mosquitoes, ticks do not grab a quick sip of blood and go on their way. Ticks have beak-like projections that plunge into the skin of their host. Depending on the species, a tick may feed on the host’s blood for weeks. To decrease the chance of getting a tick on you or your loved ones, you can utilize our specialized tick management services.

Barrier Spray

Here at Mosquito Squad, we use the same traditional barrier treatment to repel ticks and other outdoor vermin as we use in treatment for mosquitoes. As our technicians treat for ticks, their techniques will be different from those used in mosquito control as they will target areas where ticks are known to nest and feed. Each professional grade application will protect your family from the annoyance and the potential dangers of ticks and other outdoor vermin for 21 Days. We back each application with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Call our office at the number above to receive a free, customized quote for your property from one of our consultants!

Tick Tubes

At Mosquito Squad, we offer tick treatments using the barrier treatment in conjunction with a new treatment that we refer to as “tick tubes”.

Tick tubes are placed throughout your yard to attract what ticks usually see as their first host, a mouse. These tick tubes are filled with cotton that have been soaked in our product. The mice take these pieces of cotton and bring them back to their homes to create a nest. As the nymph tick goes in search of its first meal, it must cross the treated cotton to get to the nice which at that time eliminates the tick.

Our barrier treatment will reduce the current adult tick population while the tick tubes prevent nymph ticks from becoming adults when spring comes around.

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